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This is important no matter how big or small the voteĀ  is including the school board elections we as citizens have to be on the watch
Like most of you I have been watching, in almost a state of shock, the news stories about the surveillance our government keeps on us. From NSA phone, email, and text monitoring, to the FBI’s admission that they use drones to watch American citizens on US soil.
It’s obvious they are watching us. But it begs the question – who is watching them? Or, more accurately, who is supposed to be watching them?
The answer, of course, is us. You and me. And how do we do this? We get involved. At the county level, we attend Commissioner’s meetings. We read the published minutes. We study that ridiculously cumbersome budget, if we can get our hands on it.

But most importantly, we vote. We vote every chance we get. This is how we let the Courthouse know we are watching them. That we are concerned. That we are involved.

If we don’t, aren’t we telling them that we don’t care? Or that what they do is not that important to us? Or even that we agree with the path they are on?

Friends, Tioga County is our home. Which of you would skip a discussion in your homes about finances, budgets, grocery lists, honey-do lists, or the direction of your household? I dare say not many of you would miss that dinner table conversation. So why are we so quick to stay silent when it comes to our county government?

Over the past several weeks, as I have had my feet up in careful thought, I have been discussing the direction of our county, and the direction of our campaign, with voters all over the county. It still seems to me people want to be involved. People want a voice. People want to know their government is responsive.

As we spend the summer considering the direction of our campaign, let’s consider ways to get people to the polls to vote. Let’s consider ways to get people involved.

We need to find a way to stop electing people just because they are our friends. Our they have been in office for years and years. We need to find a way to convince people that sometimes we need to support new candidates, with new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Most importantly, we need to vote, we need to get involved, we need to elect new people, so that our county government realizes that we are watching them.

Thank you for the right on article !!


Paul Watkins for Tioga County Sheriff


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